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Oh saturday, we do love you!! 

Two Bottomless Brunches, One Venue..... You decide!!!!!

Turbo Brunch: 11 - 2pm £28

We have upped the ante and have added different entertainers each week to our themed brunches. For a small additional fee on your brunch entry you can;

- Play Bingo with the Raygun's Look Real Enough very own Ryan Beange.

- Sing-a-Along to our La La Bar's infamous Fantasy Brunch Adventure.

- Play in James Hancox Extreme Sports Olympics; fun time mini games & challenges.


Brunch- TICK

Unlimited Mimosas, Laines Beers or Bloody Marys- TICK
(only for 3 hours mind)


lazy BOTTOMLESS Brunch:12-4pm***

If you don't fancy all the fun of the entertainment? You can book in for Bottomless Brunch in the pub for just £20...

***Brunch top-ups are only available for 2 hours after the purchase of your brunch however the entire offer still runs between 12-4pm

Drinks included are Mimosas and Bloody Mary's ***

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Bring the house down
saturday 14th april

Expect the unexpected and the weird and wonderful as our host Ryan Beange takes you through your Saturday afternoon on a journey you will never forget. So what is this I hear your cry. get breakfast, unlimited bottomless Bloody Mary's, Mimosa's and beer...........BINGO!

Speaking of which, guess what? You will be playing bingo, but not just any bingo!!!!!!!! We have debaucherous, laugh out loud, craziness Bingo......... But that's not all folks, we will mix in some other popluar games such Play Your Cards Right, Rapido, Uno, Penny in the Crack and many more. Each week is a different game line up with random prizes to be had.

So what do you need to do next? We don't have unlimited places so get online, get on the phone, pop in, send a carrier pigeon, whatever, just book your place quickly, or sit at home and read the paper!!!!!!

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When You Wish Upon A Brunch
saturday 21st april
saturday 5th May
saturday 19th may
saturday 2nd june
saturday 30th june

Whether you’re a demure princess or dashing hero on your noble steed, Impossible Things Entertainment invite you for an evening of toe-tapping singalongs and lashings of booze!

Jive along with our fabulous theatrical troupe as they perform classic skits and your favourite toe-tapping fairytale tunes.

Arrive in costume if you can, by golden carriage or the Number 70 Bus!

See you there.



Britney or Xtina? BackstreetBoys or NSync? Janet or Michael? SpiceGirls or AllSaints? Oasis or Blur? Whatever your answer, we all yearn for the days of pop feuds; when life was a series of either-ors and baby doll slips that passed for dresses. You know, the days when Björk wore a swan to the Oscars and Madonna could poke your eye out with her boob, where Patsy and Liam adorned the best magazine covers, alongside a hosiery wearing Kate and the rest of her Versace clad, Supermodel gang. We bring you a bottomless brunch with the best in 90s, from TV theme tune quizzes and newspaper headline caption competitions to boy and girl band dance offs and singalongs, complete with fabulous nostalgic 90s prizes! Live performances of your favorite tunes, from the decade that brought us Clueless, Buffaloes, Barbie Girl and Haddaway, punctuated by the brunch that Steps you back in time! (See what we did there.)

We'll see you there, with your best Gwen, knotted hair!

Now, 5, 6, 7 ,8!

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