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264 Acton High Street, London W3 9BH
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0208 993 4242


How do I book a table?
Look right. Try filling that bad boy out! You can choose the type of booking, number of people, time and date or alternatively call the pub on 0208 993 4242. Oh, and ff you have already purchased your tickets for any of our shows just mention this in the comments section when you make your booking enquiry.

Can we get in?
We do operate an over 21's policy on Friday & Saturdays, we also operate a Challenge 25, so please bring I.D...... We flatter a lot of people.

What if I’m coming to see the show?
Good choice! Thankfully it’s only the show that’s a circus! If you book for Circus & Dinner then we will allocate you a seat in the Circus room itself so there’s no need to move beyond your trips to the bar.

Can I specify a table/area?
You can try! Whilst we will take any requests into consideration we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to seat you exactly where you prefer. For the bar and garden area if you have a specific booth or table in mind please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you as best we can. For the Circus, tables are allocated based on ticket type, date of booking and confirmation as well as the size of your group.

I’m super popular and have like a million friends. Can you fit us all in?
We wouldn’t be very good at our job if we couldn’t. We’ll try to give you the best space available for a group of your size. In the Circus we can accommodate groups of up to 30 all on one table.

Is there a charge for booking a table?
We’re flattered you want to join us, so no, there’s no charge for you wonderful people. However, if you are attending the Circus show, you will need to purchase your tickets in advance to confirm your booking.

But there’s so many of us coming down and I don’t want to foot the bill!
Don’t worry, we feel you. Organising large groups can be ruddy difficult. Buy a couple of tickets for yourself and then get in touch. We don’t mind consolidating all of the tickets for your group at our end, all we need is a list of names of people who are purchasing the tickets alongside yourself and then we’ll make sure you’ve got the right table.

But what if the numbers change?
Fear not, we can always adjust the size of your booking so long as we have enough notice. If you want to add more people, just purchase the tickets then let us know (sadly if the circus show is completely sold out then there’s not a lot we can do). If people have dropped out on you (who needs friends anyway?) then so long as we have at least 48 hours notice we can refund the tickets.

TFL are useless and I’m running late! What do I do?!
Classic TFL! But in all seriousness we can only hold your table for 15 minutes on busy days. If you’re running late just drop us a call and we’ll make sure to keep it aside for you. Sometimes the world just conspires against you.

Can I pre-order any food or wine for the table?
You sure can. You can get a look at our various menus on the FOOD TAB and then just drop us an email or a call and we’ll help you get it sorted.

That all sounds great. Can I bring my kids?
Kids and any furry friends are sadly only allowed on site until 8pm but there’s several ways to keep them busy with a selection of board games, kids film club and table tennis on the weekends.

What time is last entry on Friday and Saturday?
Whilst we love a good late night party we can only let people in until midnight. Get down here early.