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La La Bar

“Where everyone knows their name.”

Every Thursday to Sunday we welcome La La Bar to the Aeronaut, a new addition to the ever evolving venue, just when you thought the Aeronaut had bought you all the perfromaces you need "So what is it"? I hear you ask....... Well, in a nutshell it is our all singing and dancing servers.  "HEY"?. Ok, lets paint a picture..... you've arrived at the venue, been shown your reserved table and have browsed the menu. you are all ready to order so you hail the server over and in they come, great personality, attentive and have ordered all you need (for now). Your tucking in to your favourite food and drink when all of a sudden you hear live music. OH MY DAYS, you turn to your friend and ask "isn't that the person that just took our order?", "Yes, I think it is"..... WELL IT IS! Now taking centre stage as well as roaming around singing dancing and engaging the audience. "Well I've never seen that before"......

“Spritz and hits, bubbles and pop? Take your cocktails with a croon and hang-out with our super talented performer-servers, trained to serve your drinks with a side of musical mayhem!”

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