The Aeronaut
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the big lift off



The much-loved west London pub is rising like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes with a huge reopening on Thursday 30th November.

Acton’s much missed pub – well known for its exotic circus and cabaret shows and its quirky carnivalesque gardens – returns after almost a year with a weekend of exciting shows, the first since its New Year’s Eve party was cut short by a dramatic fire. On Thursday 30th November, after almost a year of rebuilding, The Aeronaut re-opens with a huge party to which all of its New Year’s Eve party-goers are invited to attend for free.

The spectacular continues through the weekend with some of the best circus, cabaret and comedy acts, as well as DJs and great food and drink. Performers include Abandonman, Rayguns Look Real Enough, Aurora Galore and many many more. Tickets are available for the weekend through Design My Night or from WWW.AERONAUT.PUB.

The performances on stage won’t be the only entertainment. As well as stiltwalkers roaming the place during the weekend, the guy collecting the glasses might well backflip out of view, or the girl behind the bar might burst into song. New TV show La La Bar will be fleshing out the talented bar team with all sorts of performers, so you never know what you’re going to get with your drink.

The pub returns better than ever, including the UK’s first pub-based combined immersive and virtual reality games set up. There will also be weekend brunches themed around Disney, hip hop and more. La La Bar will also be putting on their own Tarantino nights on 8th and 9th of December.

“We promised that the show would go on,” says Dene Stevenson, the Aeronaut’s General Manager “and we are overjoyed that work has continued at a pace to rebuild and replace all that was damaged in the fire.” The pub’s ‘Big Top’ room will once again host the hair-raising aerial shows that have attracted circus goers and cabaret fans week in and week out from across the Capital and beyond. “And we’ve taken the opportunity to redesign the seating,” says Stevenson, “so our customers can get an even better view of the breathtaking acts from our talented performers.”

And having pioneered virtual reality and immersive gaming in pubs such as the Four Thieves in Battersea and the People’s Park in Hackney, Laine is planning to go one better in the newly launched Aeronaut by combing the two to create the UK’s first pub based mixed gaming environment.

With a vast new range of craft beer brewed by Laine Brew Co and the best of London’s brewers, plus exciting enhancements to the garden and bar areas and the return of the Aeronaut’s popular sharing menu, the iconic pub looks set to return with a bang when it opens its doors on 30th November.

"We were touched by the messages of support from the Acton community when the pub closed on New Year’s Day,” says Dene Stevenson, “so for the people of Acton and in celebration of the memory of local airman - George Lee Temple - upon whose pioneering spirit the pub is based, we are proud to announce that the Aeronaut is lifting off again, and this time the ride will more thrilling than ever.”