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the show is BACK in town

roll up, roll up


come one, come all! 

We have pumped, preened, turbo charged and amped up our weekly show offerings to create more wild and epic list of entertainment shows for you to enjoy every single damn weekend. Shows kick off at 9pm, but fear not, the doors open at 7pm for food, drinks and socialising. If you require a table seat please contact the venue via the enquiry form on the home page. Just check out our shows below then once you have decided which of them (if not all) takes your fancy hit that TICKET button. 

La La Bar; Tarantism
Fri 12th & Sat 13th JaN
Fri 9th & Sat 10th FEB
Fri 9th & Sat 10th MAR

Prepare to be immersed into a wild world of spectacle! Scenes from the cult classic director Tarantino will performed around the space in varying locations, in amongst the audience, as well as on a stage, in the centre of the room, with all of the action, drama, dialogue, fight scenes, gunfights and sword fights alongside songs from the soundtracks, performed by our triple threat team, accompanied by a live four-piece band. 

Ettieboo’s Massaoke Show
FRI 19th & Sat 20th JAN
Fri 16th & Sat 17th FEB
Fri 16th & Sat 17th MAR

Ettieboo descends upon the Aeronaut - she’s sassy, she’s sharp, she takes no prisoners and shows no mercy… and she’s blue. Every Friday and Saturday, Ettieboo, her band, and cabaret/variety guests will entertain, impress, and involve the the audience in her talkshow-esque worlds. With a new set-list every month, centred if appropriate on a theme, Ettieboo will sing to, speak to, and even interview her audience. The show will be peppered with special guests from the variety and cabaret world, demonstrating their own skills, and improvising with the band. There will be opportunities for the audience to join in, gameshow style, and win a bottle of champagne, or tickets to another show, or simply a bag of nuts. Such is the nature of gameshow improvisation.

That is not all though, we have a treat for you all... After the show until the end of the night we have the MASSAOKE BAND, Britain's original and best live band singalong party. A brilliant live band smashing out the greatest anthems of all time, big screen lyrics and a crowd singing and dancing their hearts out together. This is going to be a night to remember!


FRI 26th & Sat 27th JAN
Fri 23RD & Sat 24th FEB
Fri 30th & Sat 31st MAR

Roll up Roll up as the Circus is in town! Expect the unexpected as we take you through the world of Acrobats, Silks, Hula, Fire and much much more. Would you like to run away with the Circus? Well this is the show to find out as your favourite Circus performers finish off a blinding month, so come and join us for an evening of High Flying Circus Fun!

2ND & 3RD fEB

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your Bingo Dabber! 

Boogaloo Stu's hilarious 70s throwback comedy character Derek Daniels hosts this unique comedy-musical-theatre-gameshow experience, and will also feature his very special guest star, the polyester queen herself, Lorraine Bowen.

Much Ado About Bingo is a sensationally silly and slightly Shakespearean game of retro musical bingo. Listen carefully as Derek sings his medley of stupendous 70s hits, whilst casually dropping Shakespearean quotes into his scintillating conversation. Grab your bingo card and tick off the songs and quotes as you hear them, in a frantic bid to win the Full House and claim your prize. Derek will be joined onstage by his old showbiz sidekick Ronnie Hazelnut at the piano.

With her Casio keyboard balanced on her ironing board, Lorraine Bowen found fame as a Golden Buzzer winner on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015. The “Crumble Lady” will join Derek and Ronnie during the show, singing her quirky and hilarious songs.

Much Ado About Bingo has wowed audiences around the country over the past year, including shows at the Barbican and Brighton Fringe; it was a highlight for many at Latitude Festival, garnering much praise on social media.

Our shows are sponsored by Pepsi Max and Bulliet Bourbon.

Show starts at 9:00pm, Doors at 7:00pm. Please note that tickets guarantee entry ONLY. For table bookings please contact the venue or make a booking enquiry through the form on the left hand side. Should you have any specific requirements please notify the venue in advance. Customers who are eating with us please be aware that due to the high volume of orders on show nights we can only take table bookings between  7:00-7:45pm.

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