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back, bigger and better

Pushing the boundaries of possibility doesn't stop at the Aeronaut’s eclectic design and entertainment. We have now added more, lots more... Virtual Reality is a permanent feature, our Shows have been pimped, La La Bar are in the house, we even added a photo booth for you to capture your night. Our food menu contains some of the most classic pub dishes, combined with the extensive beer range and memorable entertainment making the Aeronaut one of the most interesting and exciting destinations in London. With a huge bar area packed with comfortable furniture upon which to eat, drink, make merry and take in the curiosities and happenings of this wonderful place, plus an incredible heated garden to do the same in the fresh air, the Aeronaut is turning the Acton pub experience upside down and flying it way beyond the clouds.  


If you have already purchased your tickets for any of our shows just mention this in the special requests section when you make your booking enquiry.


how and what to book, from 2-400 people

We recommend you book with us no matter how small or large your party is. We have several areas you can book and all can be requested using the form on the left:

Show / Event Bookings: 2 - 170 people

For any ticketed event please let us know you would like a table and which event it is, we are here to help. Give us the details, is it for food, drinks, dancing or even VR. You can provisionally book a table and then once you have your ticket we will confirm that table for you. Already have your ticket? Just let us know in the comments part and BOOM! Simple!

Pub & Garden Bookings: 2 to 200 people

Any table in these areas are up for grabs. Let us know where you which area you want to be in and we will do our best to make it happen. We have Heated Booths in the Fairground Garden, Tables in the sun in the Reserve Garden and tables inside the pub. Groups over 10 though will be asked for card authentication of £2 pp as we love a busy pub, not a pub with lots of reserved signs and no parties.

Private Areas: Up to 200 people

The Little Big Top:

Our show room can be hired out certain time of the year, holding up to 200 people it is perfect for any party. Just get in touch to see if it is available and what the prices are.

The Reserve Garden

Our second garden is available for exclusive hire, it holds up to 200 people and features is own bar and fire pit. Again get in touch for all available dates and prices.  


all you need to know:

How do I book a table?
Look up. Try filling that bad boy out! You can choose the type of booking, number of people, time and date. Oh, and if you have already purchased your tickets for any of our shows just mention this in the SPECIAL REQUESTS section when you make your booking enquiry. P.S Saturday event Brunch is Turbo Brunch…..

Can we get in?
We do operate an over 21's policy on Friday & Saturdays, we also operate a Challenge 25, so please bring I.D...... We flatter a lot of people.

What if I’m coming to see the show?
Good choice! If you book for a show then we will allocate you a seat in the Circus room itself so there’s no need to move beyond your trips to the bar.

Can I see the menu?
Sure, just click on the Food Tab on this site to view them all. The first Menu is our regular menu. 

Can I specify a table/area?
You can try! Whilst we will take any requests into consideration we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to seat you exactly where you prefer. For the bar and garden area if you have a specific booth or table in mind please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you as best we can. For the Circus, tables are allocated based on ticket type, date of booking and confirmation as well as the size of your group.

Can children come? What about dogs?
Under 18′s are allowed until 8pm as long as they are supervised, if we find them running around by themselves then we have a stockpile of bunny rabbits that we will send them home with.  Dogs are welcome as long as you like, just remember on a Friday and Saturday night its quite loud so probably not nice for your lovable pooch’s ear drums.

Can I decorate tables for a special occasion?
Why of course you can. You can even bring a cake and we’ll keep it fresh for you until the candles are lit.

How does the deposit system work?
Before we confirm your booking on a it is likely that we will send you a secure email asking for you to fill out a card authorisation equivalent to the amount of £2 per person as a holding deposit for your table. The Card authorisation does not debit immediately from your account. It's designed so that you can authorise us only to take the specified amount in the event of a no show on the evening of your booking or should you cancel without giving us 24 hours prior notice. There are no other circumstances that we will debit your card or take the authorised amount without prior consent.

I’ve received a card authorisation email. How long do I have to decide?
Unfortunately we fill our bookings on a first come first served basis. The sooner you return the details the sooner we can confirm your booking. Until such time your booking remains an enquiry and subject to first come first served terms on confirmation.

I’m super popular and have like a million friends. Can you fit us all in?
We wouldn’t be very good at our job if we couldn’t. We’ll try to give you the best space available for a group of your size. In the Circus we can accommodate groups of up to 30 all on one table.

Is there a charge for booking a table?
We’re flattered you want to join us, so no, there’s no charge for you wonderful people. However, if you are attending the Circus show, you will need to purchase your tickets in advance to confirm your booking.

But there’s so many of us coming down and I don’t want to foot the bill!
Don’t worry, we feel you. Organising large groups can be ruddy difficult. Buy a couple of tickets for yourself and then get in touch. We don’t mind consolidating all of the tickets for your group at our end, all we need is a list of names of people who are purchasing the tickets alongside yourself and then we’ll make sure you’ve got the right table.

But what if the numbers change?
Fear not, we can always adjust the size of your booking so long as we have enough notice. If you want to add more people, just purchase the tickets then let us know (sadly if the circus show is completely sold out then there’s not a lot we can do). If people have dropped out on you (who needs friends anyway?) then so long as we have at least 48 hours notice we can refund the tickets.

TFL are useless and I’m running late! What do I do?!
Classic TFL! But in all seriousness we can only hold your table for 15 minutes on busy days. If you’re running late just drop us a call and we’ll make sure to keep it aside for you. Sometimes the world just conspires against you.

Can I pre-order any food or wine for the table?
You sure can. You can get a look at our various menus on the FOOD TAB and then just drop us an email or a call and we’ll help you get it sorted.

What time is last entry on Friday and Saturday?
Whilst we love a good late night party we can only let people in until midnight. Get down here early.

Do you have a Cloakroom?
Sadly we do not, sorry about this.


• Latest booking on Friday and Saturday is 9pm
• A booking does not guarantee immediate entry
• We operate priority queuing only for confirmed pre-booked guests.
• We will only hold your table for 15 minutes after the time specified on your booking unless informed of late arrival.
• Garden closes at 11.00pm
• Food service ends at 10pm. All food orders to be placed at the bar before then.
• For capacity reasons some small tables may be removed from the venue after 9pm
• We retain the right to refuse entry in accordance with our licence and Ealing Council licensing objectives.


this is us

264 Acton High Street, London W3 9BH

0208 993 4242